Are you visiting Glyndebourne?

If it’s your first time, you’ll be wondering what to wear, how best to get there, what time to arrive. You’ll know it’s traditional to take a picnic, but how does that work if you haven’t got the kit?

You’ll already know that we’re happy to accommodate early arrivals, so that you can get changed in good time. Just let us know when you book.

Getting there: it’s about 10 mins by car. Glyndebourne has a large car park, but there is only one exit so it can take a while to get out again. Many people like to take the bus, which leaves from the station at about 3pm, timed to meet the London train. It’s free, and a charmingly eccentric way to start your visit to this most English of events. Most visitors plan to get there a couple of hours before the opera starts, so that they can bag a nice picnic spot, and have time to wander around the lovely grounds.
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Dress is black tie, so dig out your very finest gowns. Do bear in mind that you’ll probably want to explore the gardens, so either wear flat shoes, or pack some in the picnic bag. Stilettos and lawns are a bad mix.

The operas start in the late afternoon, breaking around 7pm for a 90 minute interval, which is when everyone heads off to enjoy their supper. There are restaurants on site but the traditional thing is a luxurious al fresco supper, the more elaborate the better!